Amelia Mary Earhart (1897 - 1939)

Amelia Earhart In Front of Plane


She lived an amazing life full of many accomplishments. Read our Amelia Earhart biography or view Amelia Earhart pictures to get a better understanding of just how important she has been to the aviation industry and American history.



Amelia Earhart, while no longer with us, is still very active in the news. Her accomplishments and fame to the controversy of her disappearance still keep Amelia's name active throughout world wide press. Read some of the news stories that feature Amelia. >> Click Here.



From childhood to her disappearance, our Amelia Earhart bio details the most important and notable events throughout her life.



A lot was accomplished in Amelia's flying career. Read about the Amelia Earhart timeline and the accomplishments achieved.



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